From upright to recumbent, custom bikes are my specialty

A person can get a bicycle in nearly every town across America. Walmart and other big box stores are filled with cheap, mass-produced, two-wheeled vehicles they call bikes. For some, this is all that is needed. They aren’t really going to ride them, and these bikes end up dusty in garages or storage sheds until they find their way to the next garage sale.

A bicyclist, on the other hand, needs a real bike. There are a number of high-end brands that cost a pretty penny, and they feature sleek design, light material, and indestructability. These bikes can handle high-speed, rough terrain, or multiple terrains. They are great, but did I mention their cost? I’ve seen the money wasted on labels and brands, and I knew I could do better.

That is why I created Solace Bicycles in Grand Junction, CO, my very own custom bike shop. I had ten years of experience as a machinist in a factory setting, and I’d been a serious cyclist for over 20 years. This led me to the obvious conclusion that I should be making hand-built, high-performance, affordable bikes.

High wheel, also known as a “penny farthing.”

It’s not as if I didn’t have experience in the cycle-making industry. My first self-made bike was a high wheel. I was intrigued by how it would feel not only to mount the giant-wheeled bicycle, but I was also curious about stability. The bike was a beauty, but after a couple face plants, I hung it up in the shed. It didn’t go to the yard sale, but it is gathering dust.

Next, I started on my own touring bike. I figured I’d start simple by building bikes that did not have to endure as much stress. That touring bike could have withstood the impacts of mountain biking. I realized I didn’t need to dip my toe into bicycle making. I could jump in head first.

Today, I can make anything with two wheels, and I often make cycles with three. Recumbent bikes are popular as are tandems. I’m still waiting for a unicycle order, and I will build one regardless some day.

My system is simple and precise. The rider’s measurements are taken, so a frame size can be determined. Then, I draw the custom design on the computer with the client to make sure his or her expectations are met. I use the best available materials for tubing, and every piece is welded by myself with much detail. Lastly, my team paints and assembles the masterpiece. It’s better than any labelled bicycle, and it’s one-of-a-kind.

Contact me at this link if you are interested in a quote for any type of cycle. I’ll build you a real bike.